Discover at ALG new possibilities for your company and businesses

ALG offers logistics support services from road, ocean and air operations to customs procedures, warehousing, supply chain and distribution management

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We are you ideal ally to optimize your internal and third-partied logistics operations

During 29 years we have evolved to become nowadays a leading enterprise in the International Freight Forwarding, logistics assistance and partial or total management of the supply and distribution chain; adding value to our clients and their industries among the region.

We can assume complete externalization of your logistics as an outsourcing operator

We determine the most efficient and profitable solutions for the needs of your business or project, providing specialized services ranging from international freight transportation management to effective management of your productive chain: from the manufacturer to the very end user.

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We can provide fast and tailored solutions for the most diverse requisites and demands.

Integrated Logistics

We assume the complete externalization of your logistics as an outsourcing operator

Customs procedures

All the requirements from customs at any border line point


Dispose from our warehouses and distribution centers

Land Freight

Land Freight solutions throughout all the continent.

Ocean Freight

Transport your ocean freight completely or consolidated

Personnel in plant

In Plant modality professionals

Supply chain management

From the manufacturer to the final user

Air freight

Carry your Air Freight from and to any destination.

Discover the potential of integrate our platform with SAP and EMS systems

The definite and effective solution to the exploration of data and statistics, offering reports and data generated by our solutions in order to our clients to dispose of all the information in real time. Our platform allows the generation of reports and inquiries for business and corporate use, cube analysis, statistic analysis, data mining and delivery of information and alerts.

The great enterprises need great logistics providers

Being effective on your needs of sea transportation requires a specialized knowledge, details about every country and port, efficient routes and outstanding requirements in all customs points.