Customs procedures

We make easy the tramit of documents while improving access and delivery time


We offer you advise and solve all the customs requirements at any border line point

Our personnel highly qualified and specialized provides you quickness in the process of customs clearance, as legal support and advice, classifying previously all kinds of merchandise to determine the adequate tariff fraction and arranging all import permits before the gubernamental authorities at each border line point

Base gathering of tariff items SKU

Its correct determination is itself vital, since from there could depend the application of reduced tariffs

Up front management of permits and conditions

Depending on the country exists a series of indispensable steps for the correct import and export of your load

Payment of taxes and duties

Before your load arrives to the customs offices we have anticipated to the payment of every kind of taxes and fees

Traffic control and delivery programming

A special operation essential to guarantee a quick location of your load and offer a better response level

Coordination of re-export

Coordination between warehouses, transportations and certificates of re-export accrediting origin

International Transportation Reservation Management

We coordinate or monitor the reservations for international transportation

Confirmation of receipt and validation of delivery conditions

We assure that your load complies with the necessary conditions with the support of our offices in every country

Purchase Orders Digitization

Our solutions to digitize purchase orders and administrative documents simplifies the whole process of customs clearance

Our solutions include a integral service of customs tramits at every point

  • Tariff advice

    Our wide professional experience allows us advise you on a integral way

  • Real time website visibility

    Our software verifies the execution in real time and the compliance of the road maps with the deliveries as previous planning

  • Third Party your logistics team on customs

    We offer possibilities of expansion and third-partying of specialized logistics teams

Visibility per procedure and automated reports

We use a brand new platform for the inventory of your invoices, the preparation of the declaration of goods before customs, and to provide the online status of the different stages of the customs process. Our software verifies the execution in real time and the fulfillment of the road maps with the deliveries according to previous planning. You will not only be informed of the current status of your cargo, since you will also be able to extract the batch having a history of compliance with delivery times and evaluating the participation of all those involved in the process.