Integrated Logistics

We determine the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for your business needs

Ocean freight

We store your temporary cargo or assign you an exclusive warehouse for your operations

Air freight

Transport your cargo by air from any country to the door of your warehouse or office

Land freight

Road Freight and distribution solutions throughout the entire continent.

Customs clearance

We solve your needs in all customs offices

We are your perfect ally for all your internal and third party logistics operations

  • Warehouse storage

    Our warehouses are strategically positioned, ensuring access to the main land routes and an adequate response to any demand or requirement.

  • Picking and packing

    We prepare your orders under manual, automatic or mixed procedures prior to their introduction into supply and distribution chains. 

  • Inventory management

    Our WMS software integrates seamlessly with SAP platforms, allowing you to extract inventory, purchasing and billing information

  • Cross Docking y reexportación

    A fast flow of goods from the supplier to the end customer's warehouse

  • Get to know the advantages of in plant personal

    We offer the possibility of enlarging your operations and outsourcing specialized logistics teams.

  • Expand your operations whenever you want

    Our distribution centers have the capacity and space available to expand your operations when you need it.

  • Immediate access to an international distribution center

    Our Hubs in El Salvador, Panama and the United States assure you coverage at the main trading points in the region.