Land Freight

We determine the most efficient and profitable land transportation solutions


We make more than a thousand monthly trips throughout the Central American region, Mexico and the United States

In each challenge, ALG will offer you an effective solution that meets the high demands of a complete ground transportation service and previous and subsequent services, our effectiveness lies in our specialized knowledge, details about each country and port, effective routes and special requirements in all customs points.

Our solutions include a comprehensive ground transportation service

  • High capacity

    We have a fleet of more than 150 heads to respond to any requirement, guaranteeing the availability of dedicated units and additional margins of capacity to respond to occasional peaks of high demand

  • GPS monitoring system

    Our double monitoring system through GPS and direct contact with each unit, allow us to assure each client all the information about their load from the assignment of units in origin to the download in any destination

  • Inventory control system

    The inventory control system in destination of ALG, ensures the correct rotation of the units and a high frequency of outputs. Our local offices throughout Central America, the United States and Mexico allow us a more efficient service in each country or border

  • Integrated management before and after transport

    We provide the integrated effective solution before and after transport, coordinating all the corresponding processes according to your demand.

  • More attractive rates and fares

    Our individual land freight products allow you to coordinate your cargo even more flexibly and efficiently. Your shipment will not only arrive at the specified time, but also economically

  • Effective management of available capacities

    Your company or project will always have shared or dedicated units with increased capacity for any demand

We provide insurance against damages

All our units have third party damage insurance and permits necessary to transport all types of products throughout the region

Maintaining integral security is primordial

As part of the internal work policies, we require each pilot to receive annual training in emergency management, defensive driving, handling of equipment, valves, handling of products in case of fire and good management of loads and discharges

Experience in handling flammable products

We have more than 29 years of experience in the transportation of oils, gases and alcohols throughout the region, covering supply routes from Guatemala to Panama via land

Discover the potential of integrating our platform with SAP and EMS systems

The definitive and effective solution to the exploration of data and statistics, offering reports and data generated by our solutions so that our clients have all the information in real time. Our platform allows the generation of corporate and business reports and consultations, cube analysis, statistical analysis, data mining and information delivery and alerts.

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