Ocean Freight

We determine the most efficient solutions for your maritime transport needs


Our maritime service requires thinking beyond limits

We are your trustable ally for the management of your logistics abroad, we offer a first class regional service and a global network for the transportation of your maritime load from any continent to the door of your warehouse or office. In every challenge, ALG will offer you a effective solution that complies with the high standards of a complete transportation service port to port. Our effectiveness lies upon our specialized knowledge, details about every country and port, efficient routes and special requests at every customs checkpoint.

Our solutions include an integral maritime transportation service

  • Multi-mode transportation adapted to the need of every project

    We take care of managing all your transportation exigencies and maritime load handling from any port

  • Accompaniment of trained personnel in the different customs points

    ALG provides you with early coverage on all customs requirements at all border points

    Customs procedures
  • Real time tracking through internet

    The internal constant tracking is one of the principal advantages of acquiring our services

  • More attractive rates and fares

    Our individual maritime freight products allow you to coordinate your cargo even more flexibly and efficiently. Your shipment will not only arrive at the specified time, but also economically

  • Effective management of available capacities

    Being effective in your maritime transport needs requires specialized knowledge, details about each country and port, effective routes and special requirements at all customs points

  • Integrated management before and after transport

    We provide the integrated effective solution before and after transport, coordinating all the corresponding processes according to your demand

We are your import and export connection with Asia and Europe

Our partners in Europe and Asia are shipping companies selected according to high service standards, so we can guarantee the greatest possible flexibility, safety and departure density on all shipping routes

Connect directly with the United States, Mexico and Central America

Frequently starting dense reception we connect the markets of Central America, Mexico and the United States with the rest of the continents

Transport your FCL load / Full Container Load and LCL / Less than container Load from any source and to any destination

We collect your individual and partial imports and transport them to our doors of entry. Registered carefully and with minimum transshipment activities, they are placed on the boats and delivered on time through the nearest branch to the destination in any country

Map of the principal ports in Central America, Mexico and United States

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Track your land cargo from its origin to any destination on the continent

ALG advises you by answering all your questions, we group our knowledge of local customs and combine them with our global logistics competence to ensure that your business is present in the most dynamic markets. For free customs advice call our office and let us resolve the arrears of your imports
What type of container is the most recommended?
Customized according to your shipping structure, we will provide you with the best possible container type and coordinate the customs handling from the port of destination, as well as the delivery of your shipment to the final recipient