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International Logistics

America Logistics Group is your strategic associate in all the requirements of the handling of your freight wether is maritime, air or ground


Supply Chain

We determine the most profitable and efficient solutions for the needs of your business managing effectively the design of your supply chain from the manufacturer to the end user at any destination.



We provide available spaces in our warehouses to expand your operations whenever it requires it.


Supply Chain

A complete administration of the logistic from the manufacturer to the final user

Custom Procedures

All the customs requirements at any border line point


Dispose from a complete or partial warehouse and the resources at the distribution and storage centers

Third Partying Personal

Professionals in Outsourcing Modality or In Plant

International Logistic

We assume complete externalization of your logistics as an outsourcing operator

Ocean Freight

Transport your sea freight completely or consolidated from the principal ports in the world.

Air Freight

Move fast and safe your air freight to any destination around the world

Land Freight

Road Freight and distribution solutions throughout the entire continent

Our logistic services allow a total optimization on your freight flows and an integration of processes

For your complex needs of Supply Chain, we offer integral support services in the global interchange of goods and assets, not only at ground, air and sea operations but in every logistics service associated including warehousing and extra-value activities.

Why externalize logistics?
Among a lot of advantages, externalize your logistics operations will allow you to expand your enterprise without needing to invest in own resources and trained personnel, saving money and time to focus in other areas of improvement leaving the complicated requirements on the hands of our experts.
Own Logistics vs Externalized Logistics
There are many assessments to be done before taking the decision of abandoning the internal logistics on its totality, externalizing certain services that strategically will provide you a competitive advantage, reinforcing the business areas in which ALG is present. If you have interest on evaluating new possibilities ask one of our logistics advisors whom will guide you to achieve an efficient optimization of your operations.
Externalize goes beyond saving costs.
Externalize logistics allows you to save expensive investments that implies developing your own distribution network. Additionally permits the company to offer the most innovative services and facilitates entrance to new countries.